About RouletteVision

roulettevision_about_usRoulette Vision is an online repository of resources, knowledge, and experience delivering a holistic, 360-degree, multi-layered viewpoint to the game.

Envisioned as a mindset and skills set pool to be used by aspiring beginners or professional players looking for spot-on information on roulette, the portal provides a useful and meaningful instrument for a perpetual learning curve of effective and responsible gambling.

Founded in 2015, Roulette Vision covers the big-picture aspects of rules, strategies, betting systems, playing guides, casinos, games, and banking options through a methodic, multidisciplinary approach merging education, analytics, technology, history, psychology, and expert testimonials.

We treasure an insightful understanding, that changes made to each segment of the roulette ecosystem and participants’ habits affect the outcome and experience of the game. The aftermath can have a lasting impact. Thus, our business philosophy is simple.

Players Are At The Center Of Our Wheel!

Raison d’être of Roulette Vision is to empower patrons with a measured and sensible perspective to their favorite pastime, by raising awareness of responsible and sound decision-making process, which in turn provide for increased levels of protection in balanced and joyful gambling.

Our vision is to create the identity of prudent, protected, and self-aware patron indulging in playing roulette in well-regulated markets; supported by reputable affiliates; embracing possibilities which emerge only when players risk what they can afford in pursuit of gains they do not yet have.

Compounded with a firm belief in disciplined efforts as the only certainty in the uncertain roulette world, governed by growing national legislation across the globe, Roulette Vision is to serve as the contributing member of the regulated gambling industry, showcasing that the best result always comes in the entertaining mixture of chances and educated choices.

About Me

authorMy name is Stan Nikov, and I started this website to share my knowledge of the wonderful game of roulette. I am not a ‘professional gambler’, and by that I mean I don’t use roulette or another type of gambling as my main source of income, but I certainly know a great deal about the game.

My older brother is a professional gambler, and has been most of his adult life. Since I was a child, I have been brought up learning a great deal about roulette, poker, slot machines; the lot. But I didn’t take the same route as him, instead, I went on the University and earned a Masters degree in Physics from the University of Exeter. With a strong knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and a wealth of experience in both learning and playing roulette, I decided to share what I know with anyone who might find it useful and interesting.

I won’t ever claim to ‘beat the odds’ using systems, bots etc; it’s practically impossible to cheat. But there is so much more to the game, and much to learn, so if you’re thinking about playing roulette I’m sure you will find the content on this site appropriate and useful. And if you’re already an experienced player then I hope you may still pick up something new, or at least find it of interest.

If you have any questions or feedback? Feel free to contact me.