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If you look to reinvigorate your online roulette experience or to refresh your routine at land-based casinos, live dealer version of the iconic game brings the best of all worlds — anytime, anyplace. The integration of personal croupier’s touch into a little wheel and a large table at well-tested interactive hubs is nothing more than a safe bet on great fun.

Allow me to first introduce myself. I am Stan Nikov, the creator of RouletteVision who writes most of the content you will find at this website. I have an extensive experience where roulette is concerned and have made a career of playing this fascinating game of chance in both online and landbased casinos.
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With the advent of streaming technologies and programming infrastructure, live casinos became staples of the iGaming industry. Why? Because, other than a selected few, the majority of games are infinitely more appealing and exciting with the addition of human touch — the cornerstone of the opulent panache of brick-and-mortar casinos.

While some punters enjoy the solitary and peaceful environment of conventional online gambling, others seek the thrill of both sides of the coin flipping through the air, if you will. The latter look to indulge in their favorite pastime on desktop or mobile devices at interactive casinos from reputable jurisdictions juiced up with the visual presence of real-life dealers, voices, sounds of chips clacking on the green baize, and all other encompassing sensations of a gambling hall.

Live dealer roulette, by default, amplifies initial notions and indeed delivers.

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Elegant dealer’s hand coordinates table activities; the tone of her voice reflects the table dynamics. The wheel moves, the ball spins around the track and starts its clattering dance between pockets.

Patrons, wherever they might be, observe the action on devices’ screens and wait for chances’ final call on their betting choices. Other players might want to interact and chat; a few quick keyboard touches later, emoji emerges, complementing the backdrop of other casino tables and hype, including ravishing beauty of exquisite women.

A friend’s status update is on the other app; nice one, buddy, here’s one like for you. Meanwhile, the dealer’s voice announces the outcome. This time, the Labouchere worked; the next one, though, is for grabs. All right, time to wrap this one up, reserve dinner table at the restaurant, and off to the gym.

Welcome to the life of a live roulette player.

Not surprisingly — considering the integrated nature of the globally connected society we live in — punters around the world, equally looking for fun or financial gains, find this game as much sought after gambling commodity.

On the other hand, to run and maintain complex yet professional and responsible live dealer roulette operations requires a significant amount of expenses and resources on online casinos’ end.

Consequently, the disproportionate level of demand requirements and proper supply capacities means that only the best and most respectable interactive hubs, residing in well-run jurisdictions, can genuinely offer players the most bang for their bucks in this game.

To help you sift through many listings in the ever-changing iGaming industry, we have created this guide for your live roulette explorations, having players’ safety and fairness of gambling as paramount goals.

So, let’s spin its wheel, and visit knowledge pockets of this reading ball!

What is Live Roulette?

What is Live Roulette?It’s an innovative and happy marriage between land-based casino roulette, often miles away from where you are, and online gambling hub availability at the tip of your fingers. The outcome is a mishmash of very best segments of online and offline gambling.

For starters, there is a new aspect of fairness level at hand. Live croupier and whirring of the real roulette wheel offers a considerable contrast to sometimes sterile user interfaces and indiscernible pathways of Random Number Generator (which is a remarkable phenomenon worth of deeper understanding)

Then, there’s a reputation. Only the trustworthy gaming developers, which partners with often the oldest and most prominent brick-and-mortar halls, can sustain the financial burden of high-end streaming services required for prestigious live roulette operations. This is to say, not anyone can do it, and that comes in handy to separate the weed of shady online casinos from the chaff of proper ones.

Finally, there’s a uniquely immersive experience. Other than gambling, roulette has always been about socializing and human interactions. Skills tend to thrive among real-life competitors. Even the unluckiest losing streak — not to mention a winning one — is more comfortable in the company of others. And, of course, nothing beats the charm of a professional dealer.

The ensuing result of such a mix can often be a memorable, highly entertaining playing occurrence: Live roulette preserves the most prominent characteristics of the game, and technology empowers you to play it wherever you are.

How Does It Work?

How Does Live Roulette Works?First off, the game remains the same; the live dealer version follows a well-established set of rules for traditional roulette. The same goes for house edge; it varies depending on the variant, and range between 2.7% for European and 5.26% for an American one, just as in any land-based casino.

The settings can be either at the casino or in the studio, depending on the provider.

At least two high-definition cameras cover the table, the roulette wheel, and the dealer at any given time. The real-time footage streams and integrates into an application at players’ computers or mobile devices.

The user interface allows all other necessary controls and options.

Patrons choose denominations, call bets based on chosen roulette playing systems, and move chips on the layout through the control strip that’s by default at the bottom of a screen. The area also hosts other data such as balance, total bets, time, game ID, and general statistics.

The upper segment of application mainly consists of application settings, game rules, account info, help file, and other casino information. Chat windows usually pop-up on the sides of a screen.

The most substantial portion of the display is, naturally, reserved for camera feed. Dealers are usually professionals. They guide players through particular rules, limits, and requirements of the game, manage each situation per casino rules, and dial-in the atmosphere of land-based casino — which is what live roulette players strive for.

Patrons communicate both with croupiers and other participants via chat. They also have the option to tip the dealer and show their appreciation for the work done.

All ensuing interactions during the session are subject to extensive monitoring by casino staff. Thus, any possibility to cheat or abuse house rules or bend Terms and Conditions — mandatory reading for any online gambler before it opts to play for the real money — is close to zero.

Of course, there are plenty of small details that each operator and gaming provider might add to juice up their offering and, in turn, provide you with an even better experience.

As a general rule of thumb, any deviation from these basic settings of live dealer roulette indicates that you somehow stumbled on an interactive hub that you should probably skip.

Availability and Legality

Live Dealer Roulette Availability and LegalityEverything you know about online gambling applies here. Essentially, you need to have a valid account at a preferred online casino from well-run jurisdiction, a bankroll with responsibly set deposit- and loss-limits, and, quite self-explanatory, a proper high-speed internet connection and a suitable device.

Now, considering video demands and system requirements of live roulette, you might want to use a well-selected device, with all updates running smoothly. Also, browser requirements might differ from one operator to the other, so make sure to check all specs at the casino’s website.

Whether you opt for a stationary or handheld device for live roulette is up to you. If you opt for iPhone or Android experience and decide to join the growing club of mobile players, your user interface will, of course, be slightly different than on desktop.

The most distinct feature, however, is somewhat less number of live roulette games available at mobile casinos compared to conventional online hubs. Nothing to despair, though: Most of them have at least a few games available to choose from.

And lastly, it goes without saying that you should always play according to your national regulations, regardless of platform. For instance, there are more than a few casinos that still do not accept players from the United States because online gambling remains banned in some states. Luckily, the global legalization efforts are in full swing, and the majority of countries now enjoy well-regulated gambling eco-systems.

Therefore, make sure to check all legal aspects at the place of your residence before you start playing and do not rely solely on casinos to inform you about this! Terms and Conditions of all casinos explicitly address this particular segment.

How to Choose the Right Game?

How to Choose the Right Live Dealer Roulette?With a growing mass of patrons looking to try their skills and choices against live roulette chances, there are more than enough reputable software providers to choose from. Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Visionary Gaming, Playtech, BetConstruct, Pragmatic Play comes to mind when it comes to super finalists.

In the end, the choice will depend on your proclivities and preferences. Three details, however, are worth mentioning.

Live dealer roulette operators do not offer free play modes that you may find in other table games. To put it differently, you’ll have to deposit funds to test any game. To compensate for, invest some time and read game reviews from trustworthy affiliates before you decide on the software provider. Do your due diligence and check all available sources, including players’ opinions, and choose the one that will fit your wishes and playing style the most.

Secondly, please do the same when it comes to selecting an online casino. Reputable jurisdiction goes without saying, but more importantly — other than already mentioned compliance to national regulations and elaborate introduction to Terms and Conditions — look for stream quality, dealers’ competence, selection of games, table limits, banking methods and withdrawal options, paytables, device compatibility, as well as casino’s certifications for fairness of play and responsible gambling practices.

Simply put, demand the best in return for your money and be sure you’re aware of all potential bottlenecks on the road to great fun.

And thirdly, roulette is a beautiful, exciting, and alluring yet demanding and elusive game of chance that requires a proper level of knowledge and training before making some gains. Therefore, use our extensive library of guides and acquaint yourself with all available information that can help you become a better player.

It’s better to test the limits of your knowledge than the limits of your budget!

After all, history provides for fitting testimonials of individuals that analytically beat this game powered by nothing else than knowledge, observation, persistence, and intelligence — an excellent company to be in.


Live Roulette ConclusionIt’s not difficult to realize why live roulette is such a popular option among a wide range of players.

The presence of real-life land-based casinos’ component powered by crème de la crème of software providers enables powerful punch, delivering unique patrons’ experience wherever and whenever they can and want.

Such a package is equally enticing both to high-rollers and recreational players and anyone in-between.

The most potent scenario might enable you to make some substantial strides while playing it. A bit more realistic option is probably closer to having a great time and fun as you play prudently and responsibly, which would be sufficient enough for losing less.

Since there’s only one way to find that out, you should give live dealer roulette a shot — knowing all too well that when it comes to any roulette and gambling in general, the significant portion of outcome is in the hands of goddess Fortuna. And, when it comes to her, nothing is impossible.

With that in mind, have an outstanding fun, a great time, and a lot of luck!

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