Classic Roulette Playtech

Now, players can also enjoy the mobile version of Classic Roulette as the software is optimised both for iOS and Android. The fans of this game can have a great time with this online thrilling gambling experience and have an access to it no matter where they are.

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Classic Roulette Playtech

If you are a rookie who is trying to learn the rules of European roulette or you want to explore your chances before getting into the web-gambling field, Playtech offers the right game for you. With Classic Roulette, you can train and get used to the concept of basic roulette and once you feel confident enough, you can try your newly acquired skills in a real-money game.

With the high-quality graphics, which are a signature feature of every Playtech game, Classic Roulette is the perfect way to improve your knowledge of the game and the types of bets which you can make. Since this game is a variation of European roulette, this means that you have a better chance of winning in the long run. This type of roulette has a lower house edge which is why many gamblers prefer to bet their money on it.

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Specific Rules and Table Limits

Just as the name of the game suggests, Classic Roulette is the typical roulette variation which is known and loved by many players. There is no reason to be worried about learning the rules of the game as European roulette is pretty simple and you can easily get used to the gameplay and betting options by trying the demo version of Classic Roulette.

As it was previously mentioned, this game is based on European roulette which implies that there are only 37 sockets on the wheel. This means that the numbers in black or red are from 1 to 36 and there is only one single green 0. This gives you a bigger chance at winning. The lower house edge is yet another advantage which the players of this version of roulette enjoy.

The typical inside and outside bets are part of Classic Roulette and the minimum bet that players can make is £0.20 for both inside and outside bets while the maximum is £20 for inside bets and £400 for outside bets. Thanks to the simple look of the game, players can easily learn the right way to place their bets and can come up with their own winning system and strategies. With Classic Roulette, players can also take advantage of the racetrack which includes all neighbor and call bets. These additional wages can make the entire game more interesting and beneficial.

Type of Bet Bet Payout Bet Limits
Straight Up Bet 35:1 £0.25 – £100
Split Bet 17:1 £0.25 – £200
Street Bet 11:1 £0.25 – £300
Corner Bet 8:1 £0.25 – £400
Line Bet 5:1 £0.25 – £600
Columns Bet 2:1 £0.25 – £20
Dozens Bet 2:1 £0.25 – £20
1-18/19-36 Bet 1:1 £0.25 – £20
Odd/Even Bet 1:1 £0.25 – £20
Black/Red Bet 1:1 £0.25 – £20

Graphics and Overall Player Experience

Just like all other games which Playtech offers, Classic Roulette provides great graphics and a gambling experience which is in no shape or form pretentious or too different from playing the original European roulette.

Since the developers are trying to offer each and every player the essence of what real roulette is, this game does not have any outlandish or unusual features. What it does offer, however, is a classic and stylish roulette variation which is well-known and loved by many gamblers.

Since Classic Roulette is also available on mobile devices, you can enjoy a game with a simple, yet entertaining look. Thanks to the mobile version of Playtech’s Classic Roulette, you can win money anytime and anywhere by playing on the device you carry with you. Playtech’s team of developers never disappoint with the graphics of their games and the mobile version of this roulette variant.

Special Features

The aim of Classic Roulette is to show its players a version of roulette which is a fan favourite and well-known by many great gamblers. While the look of the game is nothing out of the ordinary, it is definitely a stellar roulette variation which can help you win money while you play at your own home or even when you are outside and play on your mobile device.

One feature which casual players might appreciate is the Autoplay mode which allows you to play the same bet for a few rounds in succession without clicking any buttons. Although gamblers who have their own strategies might not use this option, it is still a feature which some players might find appealing.

Just as many other games by Playtech, Classic Roulette has a simple, yet convenient look. The History bar is visible in the top right corner of the screen. There you can see the outcomes of the previous rounds. If you take a look at the bottom left corner, you will also see the section which shows your bets and wins. Although there are game sounds which make the entire experience more realistic, you can change the settings of the game and disable the audio.


Playtech has proven once more that they can show every online gambler a gaming experience which is in no way inferior to the one in land-based casinos. With a plain, yet classy look this roulette variant offers players a magnificent way to win some money by playing one of the most favourite table games of every gambler.

With its new feature for playing on mobile devices, Classic Roulette can now be played not only at your home but also everywhere you go. Enjoy the great graphics of the game and choose the best bet which will earn you a nice profit. This game is the perfect way to learn the rules or develop your knowledge of European roulette. Known as one of the most popular styles of roulette, this online gambling adventure can instantly turn you into a roulette expert who is ready to play smart and use his or her luck in the best way possible.