Martingale Roulette System

Everyone knows this system, it is, after all, one of the most popular betting strategies out there and with that popularity comes a great deal of controversy regarding the Martingale.

Allow me to first introduce myself. I am Stan Nikov, the creator of RouletteVision who writes most of the content you will find at this website. I have an extensive experience where roulette is concerned and have made a career of playing this fascinating game of chance in both online and landbased casinos.
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In part, this is because of people raving about its unique ability to overcome great losses in one fell swoop, and also because of there are a great number of people who will tell you to avoid this system at all costs. In this article, we will cover all aspects of this betting strategy, weighing the positives and negatives and discussing in detail how it works.

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How do you use the Martingale roulette system?

martingale rouletteThis section is likely to be very brief, as this is one of the simplest systems out there. A negative progression system, the player doubles their bet every time they lose. The logic behind this is that you will recoup all your losses and be in profit by one unit (whatever that one unit may be, £2 for example).


In truth, this system is quite simple and anyone can implement it in their everyday gameplay. It is meant to be used strictly for even money bets and while you can use it on other wagers, you will likely find the results lacking. The Martingale can also be applied to other casino games with even money bets, such as blackjack or baccarat, but for the purposes of this article, we will focus on roulette scenarios.

That’s all you need to know in order to use this strategy, there really isn’t anything else to it. However, I strongly recommend that you continue reading to find out why such a seemingly brilliant idea may not be quite as flawless as it sounds.

The Martingale System in Practise

So let’s start off with a bet of one unit. If I lose, I bet two units. If I lose again, I bet four units. The next spin pays off, and now you can see that I’m up one unit. So far so good. Unfortunately though, roulette sometimes sees fairly long losing streaks, perhaps 7 losses in a row for example. So if your ‘one unit’ is equal to £5, let’s see how that pans out with seven straight losses:

Betting Session Example Using The Martingale System
Spin Bet Win/Lose Profit
#1 5 Lose 5 -5
#2 10 Lose 10 -15
#3 20 Lose 20 -35
#4 40 Lose 40 -75
#5 80 Lose 80 -155
#6 160 Lose 160 -315
#7 320 Lose 320 -635
#8 640 Win 640 5

So, with seven straight losses, the player requires £1275 to make a total profit of just £5. The odds of getting 7 losses in a row is only 0.8%, so you can certainly expect it to happen if you play the system regularly.

This is the reason why so many people will tell you to avoid it because it requires a huge bankroll and in the end only leaves you with a comparatively low profit. Furthermore, you have the be careful of the table limits, as you can quickly reach the limit and no longer be able to use this system to recoup your enormous losses.

So should I try the Martingale strategy or not?

martingale roulette systemI’ve explained now how it works, and also demonstrated that if you look past the seemingly flawless idea behind it, it’s a system that forces you to take huge risks. It demands great discipline and self-control, which are not virtues that all gamblers can boast of. The Martingale seems to be a more reactive system, than a pro-active one, as you will not actually start doubling until you lose some money. In this sense, it could be used to make the best out of a bad situation and recoup your losses, but not to make any significant profits. With this in mind, you also have to consider whether it is worth it to risk a large amount of money when you can also stick to smaller bets and keep playing for longer. This is the real question you must ask yourself and the state of your bankroll will depend on it.

To put things simply, this system will not work for you in the long term. I strongly advise you not to use this strategy too frequently, because you will encounter long losing streaks which could see you go bust before you’re able to make your money back. And if you’re thinking “well I have loads of money, that just won’t happen”; unless your bankroll is infinite, yes it will. You may then think, “well, I’ll just keep my unit nice and low, let’s say £1. That will certainly help, but actually, even £1 will see you having to place very large bets sooner or later. Finally, you have to bear in mind the table limit, which could render however much money you have pointless, once you realise you can’t place a bet large enough to recoup your money. And as a final note, you have to weigh up whether it’s all worth it to make just one unit (which will almost certainly be quite small).

To Conclude…

Roulette System WinnersWhat I want you to take away from this is that this strategy is genius in its simplicity, it really is. However, judging by the results of using it, we can conclude that the Martingale is best used when you have lost money that you need to get back. No other system can help you recoup your losses as fast as this one or, for that matter, drain your bankroll half as fast. This is the ultimate risk that you have to take when implementing this strategy in your gameplay. If you are an aggressive player then this strategy can be the right one for you, but if that is not the case it might be best for you to consider another one.

The Martingale roulette system can undoubtedly make you some quick cash if you have a decent bankroll. But please, do NOT become complacent. There is a good reason why not every single roulette player uses this strategy because in the long term you’ll end up losing all the money you’ve made previously in just one round. So, by all means, try it out, enjoy it, but be sensible. This system really does rely on you knowing when enough is enough and calling it quits. We have gone over all relevant information about this betting strategy and it is up to you to decide, whether or not you can successfully make it work. To get a good feel of how the Martingale will perform in a real-world scenario, you can always try it out in free mode on most online roulette games. This will help you understand the positives and negatives of the system and allow you to make the best decision for you.

No roulette betting strategy is perfect and some will suit you better than others. If you don’t think this system is right for you then be sure to check out the other systems on RouletteVision.

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