How to Enjoy Yourself Playing Roulette

Since the first roulette wheel started spinning, all the way back in 18th century France, players have been fascinated by it.

What else could explain a single table game remaining popular for over two hundred years?

While roulette has become a popular symbol of gambling glamor, glorified in countless movies, and currently experiencing a massive boom in popularity via playing online with live croupiers, it’s easily to lose track of one essential truth…

…roulette is supposed to be fun!

And that’s not just our opinion. Other classic casino games, such as poker or blackjack, offer advanced players the opportunities to win money consistently. That’s why top professional poker players and professional blackjack players are able to make a living from their craft.

But there’s no such thing as a professional roulette player!

Unlike in blackjack, where card counting and optimal strategy can give players an advantage over the house, or poker, where players play against each-other rather than the house, there’s ultimately no defeating the house edge in roulette.

Which means that, no matter how skilled or experienced a player you might be: roulette is not a job…

…and it shouldn’t feel like one!

Let’s zero in on that fundamental fact for a little while, so that you can get as much pleasure from your gaming sessions as possible!

Have A Favourite Roulette Game?

Start with the Right Mindset

start_with_the_right_mindsetAs we’ve said, roulette should never feel like work. That’s not to say that it should be taken lightly, though!

Knowing the math, and having a strong, money-making strategy are essential parts of success at the table.

That’s why we recommend taking on the following mantra as your own: smart roulette is serious fun.

By all means, bring your a-game to the tables. Play with smarts, discipline, and savvy. That’s the best way to rake in those big wins…

…which are always easy to enjoy!

For a “serious fun” player, it’s not enough to play well, not enough even to win money! The real goal is to play well and make money while enjoying the experience.

With that approach in mind, here are some other tips for having the best time possible at the tables:

Choose the Right Casino and Game for You

start_with_the_right_mindsetAlmost all players are keen to get the best value for their bets once they’ve taken their seat at the table, and it’s time to lay wagers.

What many players overlook, though, is that many of the most important gaming decisions a gambler faces are settled before the play even begins!

There are two big questions to consider. The first is where to play.

Not all casinos are created equal, and some offer incredible bonuses whose value is comparable to several big wins at the tables! Take advantage of our in-depth reviews of casinos to find the best place to place your bets.

The second question is what kind of roulette to play. As we’ve noted many times, European roulette offers players far better odds (house edge of 2.7%) than American wheels do (house edge of 5.26%). Best of all is French roulette with Le Partage and En Prison – this offers players the lowest house edge in all of roulette, an incredible 1.35%.

Once these two choices have been well-made, the game is far, far easier to enjoy.

Play at Your Own Pace

It’s in the interest of the casino to have as many wagers placed per hour as possible. They want you to play fast.

Why is that? Because the house edge is fixed. While individual players will have lucky and unlucky streaks, the casino itself should expect to win at approximately the same rate no matter what. At a European wheel, for example, they earn 2.70% of all wagers placed.

Since that rate is fixed, the best way to boost profits is to increase the total amount of money wagered! And the best way to do that is increase the speed of play, so that more bets are laid per hour.

Now, some players may also prefer a fast-paced game. That’s fine.

But if you want to go slower, feel free to do so! Take a break when you want to. If you’re at a brick-and-mortar casino, take a walk around the grounds. Talk to people. Take a deep breath. Remember that it’s a game, not a race!

The house will try to rush you.

Don’t let them!

It’s your game, not theirs.

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Play Within Your Limits

Without question, there’s no more certain way to ruin a gambling session than my losing more money than you can afford to.

This simply does not happen to serious players. That’s because they know how important bankroll management is to roulette success.

This means quite a few things.

Firstly, it entails setting aside a gambling bankroll of money they can afford to lose without endangering any element of their life’s stability. This bankroll can always be added to, either from gambling winnings or from additional income.

Then, it means playing with a fixed amount of that bankroll for each gaming session, so that even a losing session won’t spell disaster for a gambler’s hobby.

Finally, it means knowing when to walk away. This means setting a loss limit and a win goal for each gaming session.

This is especially important after big wins! Since the house always wins over time, a player who sticks around too long will see their winnings disappear.

Speaking of knowing when to leave…

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

don’t_be_afraid_to_walk_awayIf smart roulette is serious fun, then there’s one element that players should always keep in the back of their minds: walkaway power.

No matter how well or how poorly a gaming session is going, players always, always, always have the option of leaving the table at any time.

Of course, players will have unlucky sessions where their numbers just aren’t hitting, and it’s just time to call it quits for the night.

More importantly, though, there will be nights when you’ve planned to play, but find you just aren’t feeling it… that you just aren’t having a good time.

In that situation, 95% of players will play anyway. They will most likely lose a little, or maybe win a little, not think too much about it, and find that several hours of their lives have passed them by without much fanfare.

But for a “serious fun” player, a session like that would feel like a loss. Why? Because it wasn’t enjoyable!

A player who isn’t having fun can and should just walk away. The casino isn’t going anywhere.

There’s always a next time for a “serious fun” player. But when joy is lost (which is incidentally often when session bankrolls are also lost!), that can be far more disruptive.

The Bottom Line

That’s all there is to it! For players who want to make sure that their hobby never feels like a job, simply follow these guidelines:

First of all, take on the “serious fun” mindset.

Then make smart choices about where and what to play.

Combine that with sound tIme management, smart bankroll management, and walkaway power, and you’ve got a recipe for a great time at the tables.